About Us

Let Gembala be your reliable shepherd. We promise that you will not be led astray, lost in the bewildering exercise of a simple registration for an event.
Being cyclists ourselves, we understand completely the frustrations you may face vis-a-vis making payment, getting your registration confirmed, ordering of event merchandise or even getting your team members mixed up, to name a few.

Gembala will be your trusted and reliable online cycling event registration payment platform. Your One-Stop-Agency. This organisation was created by cyclists, for cyclists just like you.
You will find your experience with us to be a pleasure and straight forward. Ours will be effective and the most user friendly. Rest assured, your online payments shall be secured too.
Gembala has close liaison with many event organisers, assisting them in reducing their workload. We relief them from the nitty-gritty and tedious work of registration, to enable them to focus on the Big Picture.

Gembala's Vision Statement is as follows:

  1. Promote a healthy outdoor lifestyle. 
  2. Facilitate communities to realise the many unexplored natural beauty of our beloved nation
  3. Encourage integration of society that's made up different backgrounds, ethnicity, culture and social stature 

We believe that we provide the ideal springboard for you to leap into action. Something you had promised yourself.
With seasoned administrators within Gembala, we thoroughly understand the importance of communication and networking in order to make your event a success. We get the gist of your desire to live your life to the fullest.
Allow us to be part of life in pursuit of your sporting aspirations.

Limits and boundaries of life are set by nobody else but you, and you can extend that boundary to your heart's content. Let us then help you too, and discover how much more you can achieve. How much longer you can sustain that endurance, that speed, that distance.
Let Gembala also help you to outrun your old ideas and reach out for what you had thought was impossible.

We will also run with you in your Running Events via GembaLari platform



Suite 10.01, Block B,
Phileo Damansara 1,
Off Jalan Damansara,
46350 Petaling Jaya,

Business Hours

9.00am - 6.00pm




+603-7665 1151


+603-7665 1150